Six years ago, the morning I heard of my mother’s death, I went walking in my neighborhood to try and calm myself.  Her death was sudden; unexpected.  I was about a mile from my house when two huge blue herons flew overhead, landed in a tree above my head, and watched me.  Although I live a block from Shoal Creek, I’d never seen herons in my neighborhood before.  I was overwhelmed by the sight of these birds; it brought on the tears.  Oceans of tears.  I felt the spirit of my parents in these birds.  I dismissed the fact that my parents didn’t get along — everyone gets along in the spirit world!  After that, whenever I saw a heron, I’d think of my mother.
It hadn’t happened again from that day to this though I’ve kept my eyes open for such a recurrence.  Until this morning!  On that same walk, walking past that same tree, a huge blue heron flew over my head and landed right there.  It wasn’t watching me directly at first.  In fact, it was having a bit of trouble finding its balance on the branch.  I immediately thought of my mother’s balance issues in later life.  (As an aside, Mum and I decided that children “fall down” but older folks “take a fall.”  As in, “Poor old thing, she lost her balance and took a fall.”)  Well, there was Mum this morning, in heron form, having a bit of trouble staying upright.  At last, she managed it, turned her head and looked right at me.  
The cynics among you will say it’s a coincidence but I’m open to the wonder of synchronicity.  I’ve been thinking about Mum pretty much constantly, about her life and her part in my life, since her anniversary last week.  I’m quite prepared to believe that God, the Universe and the Powers-that-be arranged a little visit on my behalf.  I accept good omens in every shape and form!  Blessed, that’s me, blessed!
Not my picture but My Mother The Heron looks like a little like this