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The Philadelphia Story

It takes a few moments to recognize known Brit Bernadette Nason with her spot-on Standard American dialect, and her performance as the scorned matriarch Margaret Lord is fully realized.

Austin Chronicle, December 2015

The Real Thing

As Henry’s wife/ex-wife Charlotte, Nason brings the kind of charm and quiet dignity achievable only by an actor who fully understands the power of subtlety.

Austin Chronicle, September 2015

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily

…Bernadette Nason…a wicked bit of business called Irma Tory…

Austin Chronicle, December 2014

And Then There Were None

Particularly entertaining is Bernadette Nason’s Emily Brent, a curmudgeonly old bat with conspicuous knitting needles in hand.

Austin Chronicle, December 2013

Noises Off

As the leading lady, Dotty, Bernadette Nason is a pleasure to watch. She plays Dotty as an almost completely inept actress who stumbles through her blocking with a flabbergasted look on her face.

Nominated: Central TX Excellence Awards: Best Actress in a Comedy

Broadway World, May 2013

Other Desert Cities

Aunt Silda the alcoholic (Bernadette Nason) is currently on the wagon and all the more sarcastic because of it. With that spill of orange hair and raspy New York Jewish accent, she’s a pleasure to watch and to listen to.

CTX Live Theatre, February 2013

Hay Fever

Bernadette Nason sparkles like pink champagne…a fun evening, watching the wicked delight of Austin’s leading expatriate English actress as she sends up both her own profession and the exquisite manners of the English drawing room.

ATX Live Theatre, June 2009

The Cherry Orchard

For the quirky governess Charlotta, apt at prestidigitation and magic tricks, he has Bernadette Nason of quizzical mien and rich mid-European accent…

Nominated: Austin Circle of Theatres (ACoT): Best Ensemble in a Comedy

ATX Live Theatre, November 2009

The Merry Wives of Windsor

…attention must be paid to the production’s driving force, Mistress Quickly. Bernadette Nason is endearing as this run-about liaison. With facial expressions, gestures and vocals that are comically on the mark, Mistress Quickly is a wonder in pink pedal pushers and high-heeled slides…

Winner: ACoT and Critics’ Table award for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy

Austin Chronicle, January 2003