Award-winning Actor and Voice-over Artist

Bernadette Nason is an award winning storyteller and performer with extensive experience in film, TV, and regional theatre.  Download her resume, read glowing reviews and find out more about her representation.
Bernadette Nason is represented by Austin’s top full-service agency, Acclaim Talent for her film and commercial work. Considered one of the most well respected talent agencies in Texas and Louisiana, Acclaim’s success is based on experienced leadership that guides a team dedicated to providing the highest standard for service in the industry.

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Austin Circle of Theatres awards, “Outstanding Comedy Performance”

  • Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit
  • Shirley Valentine in Shirley Valentine
  • Gertrude Deuter in The Underpants
  • Mistress Quickly in The Merry Wives of Windsor


Austin Critics’ Table Award, “Best Actress in a Comedy”

  • Mistress Quickly in The Merry Wives of Windsor


Austin Critics’ Table Special Citation

  • The John Bustin Award for Conspicuous Versatility


Austin Live Theatre APPLAUSE Award, “Memorable Solo Performance”

  • A Christmas Carol


Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards (Austin Entertainment Weekly) nomination

  • Dotty Ottley in Noises Off


 Austin Circle of Theatres B. Iden Payne nominations “Best Actress” (1996-to date)

  • Tea in Tripoli (3 nominations)
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Boeing Boeing
  • The Odd Couple
  • The Rivals
  • Tangled Tricksters
  • Twelfth Night
  • Prisoner of Second Avenue
  • Arabian Nights
  • The Night Before Christmas, Bambi.


Austin Critics’ Table nominations, “Best Actress” (1996-to date)

  • Shirley Valentine
  • The Rivals
  • The Winter’s Tale
  • Twelfth Night
  • Shame the Devil: An Audience with Fanny Kemble
  • Faith Healer.


International Modeling & Talent Association (New York)

  • Best Sitcom Actress
  • Best Drama Monologue
  • Best Comedy Monologue



Boeing Boeing, Austin Playhouse

“The highlight of the evening for me was the fantastically funny work of Playhouse company member Bernadette Nason as Bernard’s put-upon housekeeper, Bertha… Nason manages to put her own unique stamp on the role, going the distance to deliver a standout performance. Her mumbling, plodding, and meddling kept the audience rolling in the aisles throughout.”

Austin Chronicle, February 2012

Nominated: ACoT Award for Best Actress in a Comedy


A Christmas Carol

Now, this is a one-woman show. And Nason does portray all the characters. But stating these separate facts doesn’t fully connect to the statement that Nason is A Christmas Carol. Narrator, characters, beginning, middle, drama, humor, end, and all…All of Carol being in one woman asks a lot from the storyteller, but Nason delivers.

Austin Chronicle, December 2009

Nominated: ACoT Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy, Best Direction (Lara Toner)


The Cherry Orchard

…Director Graham Schmidt has made canny matches between Chekhov’s vivid characters and the Austin acting talent happily available to him. For the quirky governess Charlotta, apt at prestidigitation and magic tricks, he has Bernadette Nason of quizzical mien and rich mid-European accent…

ATX Live Theatre, November 2009

Nominated: Austin Circle of Theatres (ACoT): Best Ensemble in a Comedy


Sylvia (Austin Playhouse)

The evening belongs to Bernadette Nason, who plays Kate. Her fury, her hurt, and her resorting to drinking are great fun and greatly endearing, providing a complex offset to Sylvia’s simple personality. Nason carries the world of the play most vividly. You believe this woman has kids in college, has a mortgage to worry over, has the city of Manhattan to impress.

Austin Chronicle, November 2008

Nominated: ACoT Award for Best Actress in a Comedy


Shirley Valentine

“Only one woman in Austin could play this clever, middle-aged Englishwoman…with the charismatic hold of a storyteller, and that would be Bernadette Nason… Nason’s joyful eyes pop wistfully into the faces of people of different ages, sexes, and cultural origins.  Nason has a natural glow throughout the play; even at the beginning when she’s all dressed in English dark gray, she’s luminous.  And at the end, when she draws the tale to a close with a wink and a life lesson that says, ‘Life is for living,’ Nason, like all good storytellers, leaves you wanting a little more.”

Austin Chronicle, July 2006

Winner: ACoT award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy


The Odd Couple

“They all appear to be having a grand time…perhaps no two more so than Bernadette Nason and Janet Hurley Kimlicko as the Pigeon Sisters; their sudden outbursts of glee, punctuated by their hands demurely covering their mouths, never seem less than spontaneous and genuine, adding to the infectiousness of their delight and our sense of fun.”

Austin Chronicle, May 2006

Nominated: Austin Critics’ Table award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy


The Rivals

…Portraying Mrs. Malaprop, whose every utterance mangles the language beyond recognition, a formidable Bernadette Nason pops her eyes in umbrage and delivers severe pronouncements with the authority – and the same salutary effect – of a meat cleaver on a pullet’s neck…

Austin Chronicle” – March 2006

Nominated: Austin Critics’ Table award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy


The Underpants

…Always in good comedic form, Bernadette Nason as the older and naughtier neighbor Gertrude Deuter encourages Louise’s potential amours…

Austin American-Statesman, May 2004

Winner: ACoT award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy


The Winter’s Tale, Austin Shakespeare Festival

… Barbara Chisholm and Bernadette Nason bring equally matched strength and flexibility to the chaste queen and her defender (then gullible father and son shepherds). Even when viewed in previews, tears and laughter punctuated this warm, lovely production.…

Austin American-Statesman, January 2004

Nominated: Austin Critics’ Table: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy


Merry Wives of Windsor, Austin Shakespeare Festival

…There are a number of fun performances but attention must be paid to the production’s driving force, Mistress Quickly. Bernadette Nason is endearing as this run-about liaison. With facial expressions, gestures and vocals that are comically on the mark, Mistress Quickly is a wonder in pink pedal pushers and high-heeled slides…

Austin Chronicle, January 2003

Winner: ACoT and Critics’ Table award for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy


Faith Healer, Bad Wolf Productions

…Bernadette Nason delivers Grace’s side of the story in touching style. She quivers with anger at a husband who saves the best of himself for his art…

Austin Chronicle, February 2002

Nominated: Austin Critics’ Table award for Best Actress in a Drama


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