Pre-school and Elementary

Storyteller Bio

Bernadette Nason, a registered touring artist with the Texas Commission on the Arts, is a multiple award-winning storyteller/actress/writer. She’s been performing around the US since 1993 but telling stories since she was two! Nowadays her stories are more organized and easier to understand, but the excitement, enthusiasm and energy are just the same!

Bernadette became committed to producing high quality storytelling shows when she found that many parents had stopped telling their children bedtime stories. She also noticed that watching television and playing video games were hindering the development of children's own storytelling skills. She believes we must keep literature alive through the power of live storytelling, encouraging audiences to tell stories themselves.

Storytelling (Pre-school and Elementary)

Performed on a simple stage set, Bernadette’s shows are comprised of multicultural tales unified by a storytelling framework and the unique use of simple props. Each character has a distinct personality and voice. Bernadette opens performances with an entertaining introduction to the wonders of the area from which the tales are chosen, and its history. She uses a lot of audience participation, particularly with younger children. In programs for 5th grade and above, inter-action is replaced by stronger characterization and a broader vocabulary.

A lively Q&A session stressing the joy of reading follows each show. With older students, this often develops into an animated discussion on careers in the performing arts. All ages love the “show and tell” on how the stories are chosen, the stage is built and the props selected!

Bernadette prepares new selections seasonally so as to offer variety and diversity, and to maintain a fresh and lively repertoire. Each tale has a moral and Bernadette reads hundreds before selecting one to perform. Folktales are chosen from all over the world, and gathered in programs supporting school studies, e.g. “Tales of Texas Flowers,” “American Folktales,” or “Greek Myths.” Selections are available for all annual occasions, e.g. Chinese New Year, African American History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, and Thanksgiving.

If you are studying cultures, countries or continents, she has programs developed to support your social study units. If you simply wish to be entertained, there’s something for everyone! Most shows can be adjusted to suit any age. New folktales are constantly added to the list -- if a school has a specific requirement, Bernadette can customize accordingly.

Mission Statement

My goal is to expose the public to the beauty and truth found in folklore from around the world. My revitalized tales shine from within an entertaining, modern framework crafted in the timeless tradition of storytelling. I write and present complex dramatizations, weaving multicultural characters together with narrative, dialogue, and imaginatively developed action to introduce age-old truths that are as vital for audiences today as they were in their original time and culture. My objective is to offer theatrical pieces that challenge modern audiences to embrace and understand the human spirit while being completely entertained.

Touring Details

Bernadette’s calendar fills up 6 months to a year in advance. If you need particulars about a visit or wish to book, please contact her by phone at 512-454-4925 or email at (email is best.) Further information is available upon request -- just email to request a press packet.

  • Audience size: anything from 5 to 5,000 (depending on location)
  • Performances: 35-45 minutes (flexible). Several shows are usually performed in one visit. All day visits are common.
  • Price varies by number of shows, audience size, and travel/lodging needs. See Fees or email for a quote on your specific performance requirements.

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